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Passiflora Vitifolia - Plant

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Passiflora vitifolia is a vine with cylindric stems covered in red-brown hairs when young. The name is derived from the shape of leaves resembling that of grape leaves. The flowers are a beautiful deep red. Leaves are five-lobed and flowers are slightly smaller, but with the same stunningly beautiful flower and edible fruit

Common name: Passion flower.
Color: Red.
Bloom time: spring and summer through fall.
Height: 1 feet
Pot Size: 8 Inch

Planting & Care

Sunlight: Full sun but will tolerate light shade for a short portion of the day.

Soil: Well-drained soil.

Water: Average Water.

Temprature: The vine is moderately hardy and can be killed back by hard freezing temperatures or prolonged frosts.

Fertilizer: Time release fertilizer granules in early spring and again in summer. 


  • Prune out inner growth periodically to keep plant open and healthy.

Ornamental use:

  • Used as a ground cover, on trellises or other supports for the lovely flowers and abundance of butterflies and hummingbirds they attract.
  • Wonderful over a trellis as a shade-providing option or as a slope stabilizer, tropical selections can be grown as houseplants in a very bright window.

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