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Plants for Birds n Butterflies

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African Marigold (Orange) - Plant

Rs.130.00 Ex Tax: Rs.130.00

Description for African Marigold (Orange) In India marigold is one of the most commonly grown flo.....

Allamanda Tiger (Peach Orange) - Plant

Rs.350.00 Ex Tax: Rs.350.00

Description for Allamanda Tiger (Peach Orange) As shrub Allamanda grows very thick and get covere.....


Description for Canna (Yellow Flower with Green Leaves) Depending on the variety, cannas can grow.....


Description for Cassia fistula, Golden shower Tree, Bahava The Cassia has few distinguishing feat.....

Cheese Fruit, Noni - Plant

Rs.270.00 Ex Tax: Rs.270.00

Description for Cheese Fruit, Noni Noni is a small evergreen shrub or tree, usually less than 10 .....

Clitoria Ternatea, Gokarna (Blue) - Plant

Rs.215.00 Ex Tax: Rs.215.00

Description for Clitoria Ternatea, Gokarna (Blue) Clitoria ternatea, commonly known as Asian pige.....

Gazania (Yellow) - Plant

Rs.180.00 Ex Tax: Rs.180.00

Description for Gazania (Yellow) Care of Gazania flowers is limited and often non-existent if you.....


Description for Heliconia Psittacorum, Heliconia Lady Diana (Red) It is one that resembles most t.....

Hibiscus (Peach Double) - Plant

Rs.390.00 Ex Tax: Rs.390.00

Description for Hibiscus (Peach Double) Many people who are growing a hibiscus plant choose to do.....

Hibiscus (Yellow) - Plant

Rs.290.00 Ex Tax: Rs.290.00

Description for Hibiscus (Yellow) Many people who are growing a hibiscus plant choose to do so in.....

Ixora Long, Singapuri Ixora (Red) - Plant

Rs.420.00 Ex Tax: Rs.420.00

Description for Ixora Long, Singapuri Ixora (Red) Ixora is a genus of flowering plants in the Rub.....

Lantana (Yellow) - Plant

Rs.210.00 Ex Tax: Rs.210.00

Description for Lantana (Yellow) In frost-free climates, it s a great perennial ground cover, as .....

Madhumalti Dwarf, Rangoon Creeper - Plant

Rs.315.00 Ex Tax: Rs.315.00

Description for Madhumalti Dwarf, Rangoon Creeper Tender plants are reddish in colour. As they gr.....

Oregano - Plant

Rs.365.00 Ex Tax: Rs.365.00

Description for Oregano Oregano is a common species of Origanum, a genus of the mint family. It i.....


Description for Passiflora Incarnata (Purple), Krishana Kamal Grow in average, medium moisture, w.....