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Ajwain Leaves - Plant

Rs.340.00 Ex Tax: Rs.340.00

Description for Ajwain Leaves Growing the ajwain plant is easy. It does not require too much sunl.....

All Spice - Plant

Rs.460.00 Ex Tax: Rs.460.00

Antmool, Dambel - Plant

Rs.180.00 Ex Tax: Rs.180.00

Description for Antmool, Dambel It has got amazing health benefits in that it helps to purify blo.....

Cloves - Plant

Rs.620.00 Ex Tax: Rs.620.00

Description for Cloves It is an evergreen tree and on favorable climates, it grows up to more tha.....

Coffee - Plant

Rs.420.00 Ex Tax: Rs.420.00

of the family Rubiaceae. Common name: Coffea arabica  Color: white to pink Bloom.....


Description for Curry Leaves, Kadi Patta, Murraya koenigii, Meetha Neem Curry tree is grown in tr.....

Haldi, Turmeric, Curcuma (Yellow) - Plant

Rs.345.00 Ex Tax: Rs.345.00

Description for Haldi, Turmeric, Curcuma (Yellow) Turmeric or haldi is one ingredient in your kit.....

Helxine Soleirolii, Baby Tears - Plant

Rs.200.00 Ex Tax: Rs.200.00

Description for Helxine Soleirolii, Baby Tears soleirolii is a wide-creeping evergreen perennial .....

Hing, Asafoetida - Plant

Rs.740.00 Ex Tax: Rs.740.00

Description for Hing, Asafoetida Hing has been used since ancient times as a home remedy for indi.....

Krishna Tulsi, Tulsi ( Black ) - Plant

Rs.0.00 Ex Tax: Rs.0.00

Description for Krishna Tulsi, Tulsi ( Black ) Sow seeds in early spring. Grows best in full sun .....

Lemon Basil - Plant

Rs.280.00 Ex Tax: Rs.280.00

Description for Lemon Basil Ocimum americanum, known as American basil or "hoary basil", is an an.....

Nagkeshar, Mesua Ferrea - Plant

Rs.420.00 Ex Tax: Rs.420.00

Description for Nagkeshar, Mesua Ferrea A handsome Indian evergreen tree often planted as an orna.....

Ociumum Basilicum Sabja - Plant

Rs.280.00 Ex Tax: Rs.280.00

Description for Ociumum Basilicum Sabja Sticky Wild Basil is a subshrub, growing from a woody bas.....

Oregano - Plant

Rs.365.00 Ex Tax: Rs.365.00

Description for Oregano Oregano is a common species of Origanum, a genus of the mint family. It i.....